Committed to Equality - C2E

RBHR is licenced to deliver and audit the C2E programme, a nationally recognised Diversity Assured Accreditation and Kitemark.

There is a general statutory duty on all public authorities to eliminate unlawful discrimination and promote equality of opportunity and good relations across all functions including procurement.

Gaining the C2E Kitemark will let potential public sector clients know that you have key policies, procedures and practices in place that promote equality and good practice within your organisation and comply with current legislation.

For some companies, not being able to demonstrate clearly that they are able to comply with public sector clients equality requirements may mean the difference between being successful at tender or not. Don’t leave this to chance!

The C2E programme typically takes 8 weeks from start to finish and is delivered with assistance from our team of trained specialist advisors. Once accredited, you will be able to quote your unique C2E registration in the tender process. This will demonstrate to Procurement departments that you meet your statutory duties.

We have a programme to assist you to implement or amend policies and procedures prior to assessment. The programme is flexible and scalable and based on realistic good practice that can easily be adapted to any organisation. It includes:

  • A session with an advisor to action plan and consider your self-assessment results,
  • Consistent support, help and advice from a named advisor,
  • Access to templates and policies (with guidance from the advisor to ensure they are relevant),
  • Progress checks with your advisor to keep you on course to achieve accreditation,
  • The assessment - where interviews with employees and a desktop review of systems with feedback are undertaken

How long does the accreditation take to achieve?

The C2E programme takes on average 15 hours of employer time over a 6 week period. In addition the on-site assessment takes approximately 3 hours.

How do I begin?

Simply fill in this free diagnostic tool and then Contact us.

How long does the accreditation last?

To begin with we will re-assess you annually, then every three years, to help you continuously improve systems and processes and ensure you continue to meet the standards.