Contracts of Employment

All employees, even those employed on a temporary basis require a contract of employment if their employment is anticipated to last in excess of 4 weeks.

Often referred to as a Statement of terms and conditions or contract; as an employer you have a legal duty to provide specific terms in writing within the first 8 weeks of employment. In the absence of written terms an Employment Tribunal will endeavour to ascertain what those terms have been through looking at working practices and day to day routines.

Having terms written down help employees know what is expected of them and defines benefits such as the amount of holiday entitlement and how to report their sickness absence.

How can we help?

  • Provide advice and guidance on the terms that should be included
  • Draft and produce statements of terms and conditions or contracts of employment
  • Assist with advising your employees with what it means to them
  • Provide a cost effective service for updating documents as legislation changes