Discipline & Grievance

A thorough, practical and effective Disciplinary and Grievance policy and procedure will assist in the workplace.


All employers must have a discipline policy which must be used when any form of discipline or dismissal is considered. Often thought of as a "big stick" to wield over employees yet it is actually a management tool that aims to correct behaviours rather than punish. Used well it can help employees understand what is expected of them and provide guidance to help them reach their full potential.


All employers must have a grievance policy to allow employees to raise a complaint formally if the need arises. Following a policy and process carefully can often lead to a speedy resolution that suits all involved.

How can we help?

  • Draft and implement a discipline and grievance policy including your employees where appropriate
  • Consult where appropriate with in-house employee representatives or Trades Unions
  • Provide training to Managers and employees on best use of the policy and process
  • Assist in discipline and grievance situations, by telephone or on site
  • Attending disciplinary and grievance meetings to take notes and offer advice
  • Deal with all letters and correspondence on your behalf, providing advice on next steps