Redundancy & Restructuring

We all know that you have to make frequent changes in business to keep ahead of competitors, react to markets trends or simply become more productive.

Often this means having to make changes to roles and positions that you currently have, which can lead to restructuring your business or making redundancies.


Most employers do not realise that making someone redundant is a dismissal and a fair reason in law providing the correct procedures are followed. For there to be a case for redundancy you must show that the role has, or is, ceasing or diminishing - it is about the role - not the person or people doing that job!


Maybe it's to bring in a new department, make changes in an existing area of your business or just realigning yourself for the future. Whatever the reason the process needs to be handled carefully and properly to minimise the risk of a claim in an employment tribunal.

How can we help?

  • Produce a step by step guide tailored to your business on how to complete the process with necessary paperwork, letters and forms
  • Provide training to line managers and supervisors in redundancy and reorganisation procedures
  • Undertake a suite of outplacement activities with those selected for redundancy such as CV writing and job search skills training
  • Undertake the redundancy or reorganisation programme on site alongside you and/or your managers, providing necessary advice and guidance
  • Link with an employment lawyer for further advice and guidance