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  • Employment Review

    In her initial speech as PM Theresa May talked about job security and life being a struggle (for more on the PM’s first speech see our article – Brexit-What’s the impact), Ms May repeated these sentiments during the recent Conservative party conference in Birmingham at the beginning of the month and went further by suggesting not only would workers’ rights be protected…

    11th October 2016
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  • World Mental Health Day

      Mental Health is unfortunately still, (despite the fact it is 2016), a very taboo subject in many people’s eyes and more needs to be done to make people aware of different types of mental illness and how it can affect suffers day to day lives. The World Health Organisation recognises World Mental Health Day once a year in order to try and raise awareness around the…

    10th October 2016
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  • National Work-life week

    National work-life Week 2016 will be taking place from Monday 3rd – Friday 7th October. In this day and age employees are finding it more & more challenging to juggle work, along with family life.  Regardless of your profession, the demands of a job can take over, especially when customers expect businesses to provide a 24 hours’ service, employees are putting in extra…

    3rd October 2016
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  • Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning

      On 30th September RBHR and Yeovil Ford are inviting you to join us, as we take part in the World’s biggest coffee morning, for a slice of something sweet and sticky in order to raise funds for a very worthy charity - MacMillan Cancer Support (read more)   This is a cause close to the hearts of the employees both here at RBHR and at Yeovil Ford as many of our lives and…

    30th September 2016
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  • Tattoos in the workplace

    Visible tattoos and body piercings have turned into a hot topic in the media in recent days. The main question being: in 2016 should employers be more relaxed and less prejudiced against employing people with visible body modifications? National media suggests that although younger generations find having tattoos and body piercings more acceptable - and in fact, they…

    21st September 2016
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