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Should Christmas parties be kept strictly business?

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Date: 12th November 2018

Should Christmas parties be kept strictly business?


Its company Christmas party season again, many of us will be attending these within the coming weeks.


You may have heard that of recent, a company have been made liable for a Christmas party that got out of hand, it left an employee brain damaged after the director swung some punches during a drunken dispute. Alcohol was supplied free of charge to the employees on to a company tab, with the party coming to an end a few decided to stay and carry on which was when the dispute was made. This started as one of the members in the management team of recruitment made a dig about the salaries of individuals within the company being on significantly more money and with that the director became very angry with the question and lashed out.  With the season coming up many of us will be hosting or attending our own works parties to celebrate the occasion. But the question is, should these parties be strictly business with company procedures still in place?

Why were they charged?

Businesses can be held liable in circumstances for the actions of their employees even if they do take part outside of the working environment. Employees may feel the need to discuss any disputes they may have with the company – this should be kept in the office especially when alcohol is involved as this can certainly add fuel to the fire!

With this said, many companies choose not to hold a works party at all as the potential risk is still there if something were to go wrong. Employers should maintain company policy as it is still within their duty of care towards staff. 

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