Dispute Investigation & Resolution

Things happen in the workplace every day, some which may require investigation before action is taken. Employees can also raise issues that require you to seek further information in order to make appropriate decisions.

Dispute Investigation

There will always be occasions where things do not run as smoothly as you would like. Whether you receive a complaint from an employee who believes they are being bullied, discover stock is missing from your warehouse or have employees who just can't seem to work together, you will have to deal with it. Usually the first step will be to investigate what has happened which can be timely and costly, not to mention distressing and frustrating.

Dispute Resolution

Being in the centre of things means you cannot always see the wood for the trees. Sometimes it helps to get advice from people who have been in similar situations and can look commercially at your decision making and provide sensible solutions.

How can we help?

  • Undertake a full, impartial investigation into any complaint received, including taking statements from those involved and providing a report of the findings with recommendations of next steps
  • Assist with in-house investigations providing advice and guidance on next steps
  • Provide documentation specifically tailored to your needs
  • Train managers in undertaking investigations, collecting evidence and questioning witnesses