Employment Policies

Crucial in any business, without them how do your employees know what is expected of them, how to behave, how to raise issues and the benefits they may be entitled too?


All employers need a minimum of a discipline and grievance policy by law. Many organisations have far more. Whether incorporated into an employee handbook or guide or simply stand alone, there will be numerous times that you need to inform employees of this type of information.

Some are a legal requirement, others provide information on a range of subjects from absence reporting and how it will be dealt with to mobile phone and company car policies. Whatever the need we can produce a policy and documentation to suit.

How can we help?

  • Provide a minimum suite of employment policies for start up or new employers
  • Draft and write a full range of employment related policies
  • Assistance with implementation of policies into the workplace
  • Training for managers in use of policies and associated procedures
  • Bespoke documentation for each policy with managers guidelines and aide memoirs
  • Rewrite or update of existing policies with implementation assistance if required