PicKane Greenhill

Title:HR Consultant
Main Office:01935 411191
Direct Line:

07496 169688


Kane joined us in 2016.  Kane joined the British Army from school and served in a front line regiment for his whole career.  He climbed through the ranks culminating as Adjutant and Regimental Career Manager Officer (RCMO) at the Army Tank driving school in Bovington.  On leaving, Kane started his HR career within the public sector and quickly moved from HR administration through to senior HR management positions before joining a global Maritime Company as their head of resources responsible for all personnel, logistic operations, communications and security.

Kane has a wealth of practical experience in all aspects of HR, training, management, team building, organisational development and leadership.  He achieved his CIPD qualification in 2015 to add theoretical knowledge to his existing practical experience and today provides advice and support to a wide range of clients and organisations from start-ups to well established companies in a myriad of industries.

Kane lives in a village just outside of Dorchester and has been married for 27 years with two daughters.  He enjoys playing his ukulele and piano to his family’s annoyance and is a keen amateur chef but counterbalances it with his love of cycling.