CV Writing & Outplacement

Whether you need a CV, some help with job search skills or some interview techniques training, we have a solution for you.

CV Writing Service

It's usually a CV that first gets you noticed, or not, as the case often is! The right CV will put you ahead of the rest when it comes to being selected for interview and help you present yourself in a professional manner.


Having to make redundancies is often unpleasant so many employers now look to provide those leaving their business with a package of assistance in finding alternative employment. Working with an individual or a group providing training in searching for jobs and interview techniques, added to a new or updated CV can often take the "sting" away. It helps people consider their options and view opportunities that may have not been seen before.

Return to work

People can be out of the workplace for a number of reasons including maternity, ill health and injury. Sometimes returning to work can be a minefield especially where confidence has been lost or damaged.

How can we help?

  • Provide advice and guidance on an existing CV or prepare one from scratch
  • Advise on how to make applications online and the type of information to send
  • Design templates for you to use when making applications
  • Provide job search skills training, so you know where to look and how to apply
  • Update your interview skills techniques so you are fully prepared for all types of interview and assessment
  • Assist with how to ask for feedback and working on areas of development
  • Train groups in CV writing, job search and interview techniques on site if required