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Psychometric Testing

Used to assist with the recruitment process, as a means for development of an individual or team or in areas such as improving communication skills or dealing with change.

Whatever the reason, we believe, for example that when recruiting a new employee, especially at a senior level or undertaking volume recruitment for a role that requires a level of expertise or ability interviewing alone will not provide you with enough information to make that decision.

We use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) which is the most widely used personality questionnaire worldwide and describes an individual's personality preference.

It can be used in Individual Development, Management and Leadership, Team Building and Development, Organisational Change and Improving Communication.

We also use 16 PF TM which is a robust measure of personality traits and assesses an individual personality against 16 factors.

This can be used in Recruitment and Selection, Management Development, Executive Coaching and Team Building.

Ability Testing

Using the Able Series to assist with a recruitment or selection process we have access to a range of tools to suit every scenario.

Each of the tests measures the capacity to learn the skills needed for a certain type of job and are set in a fictional organisation that candidates will easily understand.

How can we help? Training

      Online psychometric testing using Myers Briggs (MBTI®) or 16PF


  • Face to Face feedback session to candidates
  • A range of reports to suit your needs
  • Administering and scoring of a range of ability testing for individuals or groups
  • Incorporation of the above into a team building event

Bespoke Training Services

Sometimes you require a training solution that you can't buy "off the shelf" as it needs to reflect your business, your processes and your people.

Bespoke Training

Tailored to meet a specific aim and objective, bespoke training provides real life training solutions that your employees can identify with. Using real life situations and case studies we ensure we capture day to day life in your business, making our solution practical, useful and effective.

Training can be offered to assist with the implementation of new ways of working, to update existing skills or even where performance issues are identified.

How can we help?

  • Design of training solutions using your own processes by getting to know your business
  • Deliver training in a workshop, seminar or other form
  • Provide training materials for trainers and delegates
  • Train employees in your organisation to deliver the training ongoing
  • Provide ongoing support, advice and updates
  • Evaluation of training and recommendations of future areas of focu

Equality & Diversity

This is an area that is growing day by day and affects all businesses, whether big or small. It's about ensuring that everyone is treated equally regardless of their sex, marital status, race, sexual orientation, religion or belief, disability or age.

There are media reports every day where £1000's are awarded in compensation by tribunals to those who have fallen foul of the law. Did you know that placing an advert for an employee which is deemed discriminatory could see you the wrong side of a claim? You don't even have to be an employee to bring such a claim!

It's also about ensuring that everyone in the workplace, or trying to find work gets equal chances and opportunities. That they are rewarded equally or are not overlooked for promotion, training or a pay rise, for example, due to perceived ideas or prejudice.

How can we help?

  • Provide training to line managers and employees on equality and diversity in the workplace
  • Assess the risk within your workplace by auditing day to day practices such as recruitment, pay awards etc
  • Provide advice and assist with investigating any complaints you receive with potential discrimination issues

Management Training & Development

We find, more often than not, people who are promoted into management roles who have received no training in what it's actually like to be a manager and the things they might have to deal with.

Whether it's managing employees, organising your workload, or helping you to communicate and become more assertive - there is training and development available for you and your colleagues.

Then once you have mastered the basics we can assist you with leadership development and planning the next steps of your career.

How can we help?

  • Provide training to line managers and supervisors in a suite of skills aimed at those having to manage themselves and employees
  • A suite of courses specifically designed if needed for your organisation
  • Personal development plans for Managers to work on areas of development whilst building on areas of strength
  • Planning training for your organisation, conducting training needs analysis and administering and organising workshops