Psychometric Testing

Used to assist with the recruitment process, as a means for development of an individual or team or in areas such as improving communication skills or dealing with change.

Whatever the reason, we believe, for example that when recruiting a new employee, especially at a senior level or undertaking volume recruitment for a role that requires a level of expertise or ability interviewing alone will not provide you with enough information to make that decision.

We use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) which is the most widely used personality questionnaire worldwide and describes an individual's personality preference.

It can be used in Individual Development, Management and Leadership, Team Building and Development, Organisational Change and Improving Communication.

We also use 16 PF TM which is a robust measure of personality traits and assesses an individual personality against 16 factors.

This can be used in Recruitment and Selection, Management Development, Executive Coaching and Team Building.

Ability Testing

Using the Able Series to assist with a recruitment or selection process we have access to a range of tools to suit every scenario.

Each of the tests measures the capacity to learn the skills needed for a certain type of job and are set in a fictional organisation that candidates will easily understand.

How can we help?

  • Online psychometric testing using Myers Briggs (MBTI®) or 16PF
  • Face to Face feedback session to candidates
  • A range of reports to suit your needs
  • Administering and scoring of a range of ability testing for individuals or groups
  • Incorporation of the above into a team building event